Brain Child, Lead Designer,
Web Design, Everything:

John Reynolds

Video Concepts, Sets:
Sydney Goldstein
Travis LaMothe
Valerie Thompson

My Role:
John Reynolds was spearheading the Whisper campaign, branding, website, and videos for their launch. I was asked to help concept and execute the video's themes and create content that could live on the website, social media platforms, and educational videos. He and I worked together to set up different scenes that could be edited together to touch on each of the lessons. All editing, post-production, voice-overs, and animations are by John Reynolds.

Design and develop an identity system and language for a 40 day social movement in high schools to inspire better conversations and relationships among students around the country. Whisper focuses on the power of conversation and its ability to build healthier relationships, connect the lost and lonely, and change school culture for the better.

Using a basic toolkit of colors and simple typography, the Whisper brand can range from serious and mature one moment, to fun and self-aware the next. This follows Whisper’s “upstream” approach to tackling social problems, where focus can be placed but not remain on the negatives, allowing for ample attention to be put on the solutions and the passions expressed by the students themselves who desire to make positive impact in their schools.

Behind the Scenes

Monday Nov 5 2018