Sydney Goldstein

Original Drawings & Story:
Grayson Miller

Steady Co.

18 designers and non-designers are shoe-horned into unlikely pairs and tasked with finding (or creating) common ground in uncomfortable territory.

This set of nine zines is ourcollection of questionable perspectivesand the indulgent expression that followed. This is our not-alone voice, so let us eulogize 2016 by saying no to ego, yes to empathy, never to giving up.

Volume 4:

We challenged Grayson, a 6 year old, with creating a story around someone who was innocent and pure, but was being pulled into different directions. Direction one: the love and trust of people who want them to succeed. Direction two: evil forced who want to rule the world. Direction one is the agency, and direction two are second options. The client, who in this story is represented by Sword Girl, must choose between good (Hero Squad) and the bad (The Doom Team).

Monday Nov 5 2018