Cash App

Creative Direction, Production:
Garrett Prince

Sydney Goldstein

Zine Photography:
Paul Carter, Hayden Dib, Irida Mete 

Design an employee moment that celebrates Cash’s 10 year anniversary.

Inspired by the traditional 10th Anniversary gift, tin or aluminum, we really chromed up all the assets.

Hiding units of 10 wherever we could, illustrations are set to a 10° slant. The hero banners have filled details or negative space that add up to 10, whereas the gifted item illustrations needed to be simpler, and have a few hidden 10 symbols in them.

A typeface was developed for the invterview pages of the zine (omitted due to confidentiality). The letterforms have diagonal lines around their container shapes and the line work inside are all set 10° slants. 


Monday Nov 5 2018