Cash App

Creative Direction, Production:
Garrett Prince

Illustration, Design:
Sydney Goldstein

For Cash App’s 10 Year Anniversary, they wanted to produce limited edition artifacts for and employee giveaway. The designs were to represent Cash App, milestones, or the number 10.

Coaster Execution:
Inspired by the traditional 10th Anniversary gift, tin or aluminum, we used chrome enlaid with black acrylic on the front and Cash Green on the back. Ten lines represent tree rings, acknowledging the passage of time, growth, and hitting a milestone.

We developed four motifs for the set, due to budget constraints, we moved forward with one motif.

Keychain Execution:
Snakes are an internal symbol associated with agility, winding paths, and journeys. They have a mystic significance that have been sprinkled throughout the company’s lore. We turned the snake into a 10 for a Cash-specific milestone gift.

Monday Nov 5 2018